King's Korner Featuring Blogger Amy Smith

Today, we're welcoming My Four and More blogger Amy Smith to the King's Korner to share her experience of fostering an African American baby boy and learning how to best care for his hair and skin. Even though the basics of caring for a Caucasian, Hispanic, and African American baby are the same, Amy quickly discovered the differences in the products that should be used to best care for their hair and skin. Read an excerpt of her story below as she shares her journey and discovery of Young King Hair Care to help care for her new baby boy's hair.

"The social worker greeted me with a teeny tiny baby. I fell in love right away. He was so tiny and needed so much love. I knew I had plenty of love to give him. I remember looking at the social worker while she asked if I had any questions about him. Nothing came to mind… except, “I have never had an African American baby before, what do I do as far as his bathing and hair?” With the social worker being African American, I remember her grabbing my arm and in such a southern voice, with a chuckle, she said, “Girl, he is just like your white babies… just brown.” I explained that I was not concerned about his coloring... I knew that African American skin and hair was a whole different ball game and I knew nothing about it.  

I reached out to friends and searched online to make sure I was doing everything right. Everyone seems to have different views on how to care for an African American newborn’s hair and skin. I will tell you some of the facts that we have found on our journey of caring for the sweetest (SERIOUSLY the sweetest) baby boy.  

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