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About Us

Our Inspiration

As first-time parents to a beautiful brown baby boy named Kade who had a head full of hair, we were surprised to discover that there were no clean, natural hair care products specifically designed for curly-headed young men.

We realized there was an unfulfilled need and opportunity to reshape the beauty industry, which has traditionally focused on women and girls, by creating unique offerings for our son and young men who looked like him. We believe representation is critically important -- so inspired by Kade, in December 2019 we launched Young King Hair Care.

Join us on the journey of grooming the next generation of Black and Brown men.

This one’s for the KINGS.

Cora & Stefan Miller

Our Mission

Simply put, we’re here for Black and Brown young men who strive to be authentically themselves, from their classrooms to their communities and everywhere in between.

We’re here to shake up the beauty industry by redefining male grooming for the next generation of multicultural men, giving them the confidence needed to be their best selves 24/7/365. And more importantly, we’re here to change the narrative of how the world sees young men of color – young kings represented as unapologetic, dynamic and expressive with confidence and swag.

What Makes Young King Different?

  • Simple Wash, Treat, and Style regimen
  • Hydrated, nourished, and flawless curls
  • Formulated specifically for curly and textured hair
  • Moisturizes and protects
  • Promotes healthy hair and growth
  • Smell like a King! 💪🏾

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