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King’s Korner Featuring Liv, Phil and Osias

King’s Korner Featuring Liv, Phil and Osias

Welcome to the King’s Korner, a periodic feature to highlight and celebrate our Young Kings! Today we’re featuring Liv, Phil and their adorable son Osias.

What does raising a Young King mean to you?

It means we have the opportunity to instill love of self, understanding of his culture, and caring for others. With a complete tool kit, we can’t wait to see what our Young King accomplishes. 

What excites you the most about your son's future and what scares you the most?

What excites us the most is the unknown; his successes and shortcomings and how he’ll learn from both. What scares us is that one day he’ll no longer be in our protective bubble. He will take his place in this world where the highs can be incredible, but the lows can  truly hurt and even be life altering. We just have to trust that all that we and his village have instilled in him will work to his benefit.

What has been the two biggest surprises you faced in parenthood?

The first surprise was just how quickly parental instincts kicked in from the moment he was born. From knowing how to identify what he cries mean to knowing how to look him in the eye and know exactly what he’s going to do be it great, not so great…or smelly. We were also surprised at how quickly the time has flown by and the amount of changes that take place in that time. He’s not the only one evolving –we too adjust and adapt on a regular basis to meet his needs and keep a balance in our marriage. 

If you could choose one thing your son takes away from you, what would it be?

Liv: The ability to have empathy and care for all people. Phil: Set yourself up for success not just for you, but for our family’s legacy. 

What advice do you have for parents who have boys?

Allow your son to express emotions. Help him understand what his feelings mean. Too often in our community our boys are raised to tough it out, or not wear their feelings on their sleeve. While our son is still very young, we will raise him to have a healthy balance and understanding of his emotions as it will be an integral part of his daily life that can ultimately impact his mental and physical well-being.

A huge thank you to Phil and Liv for sharing their story and perspectives, and for supporting Young King Hair Care!

Want to be featured in the next King’s Korner? Shoot us a quick note, we'd love to hear from you :-).

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